OpenBSD Administrator's Guide

Table of contents

By Kurt Seifried [email protected], Copyright Kurt Seifried 2002. License is here.


About this book
Contacts and mailing lists
Typographical conventions
Errata and bugs

Introduction to OpenBSD

Preparing to install

Basic installation

Advanced installation

Securing the boot process and console

Basic commands and concepts

Basic user management

Basic limiting users

Limiting user commands
Restricting access to cron and at
Limiting user resources
Monitoring users

Basic system management

Advanced system management

Using a serial console

Basic filesystem management

Advanced filesystem management

Making /etc a separate partition

Basic memory management

Basic network management

Basic firewalling and NAT

Advanced firewalling and NAT

Basic IPSec

Advanced IPSec

Using ports

Downloading and installing the ports tree
Finding things in ports
Building and installing things from ports
Installing precompiled packages
Security issues in ports
Bandwidth saving techniques for ports

Upgrading the Kernel and OS

System recovery

Basic conversion from Linux

Device names and conventions

Advanced conversion from Linux


Common errors

Boot errors

Other resources

Man pages
Web sites
FAQs and guides
Mailing lists
UseNet news


Last updated on 15/4/2002

Copyright Kurt Seifried 2002 [email protected]