Boot errors

By Kurt Seifried, [email protected]

There are a number of common errors at boot time you may see, some of theem are quite serious, some are not.


open(hd0a:/etc/boot.conf): Unknown error: code 20

This means that your "/etc/boot.conf" file is not within the first 1024 cylinders on the harddrive. The most common reason for this error is that your "/" partition is larger then 1024 cylinders on the the harddrive, the BIOS on i386 systems cannot read above the 1024th cylinder, thus it cannot access the "/etc/boot.conf" file. The solution is to have a "/" partition that begins and ends within the first 1024 cylinders, and to ensure that "/etc" is also within it. This may require repartitioning however it is worthwhile as you will not be able to reliably use boot.conf otherwise.








Last updated on 24/3/2002

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