Story of Jeff

Kurt Seifried, [email protected]

That's right folks, the story of Jeff is back. all 15 pieces are now online, in 5 files with 3 parts each.

The Story of Jeff: Part I, II & III

This story is the ongoing saga of Jeff, a tragic tale full of hardship, heartbreak and triumph over impossible odds. Jeff is your average network administrator, responsible for Acme, Inc.'s Microsoft-based corporate network. We start with the basics, but as Jeff's network is broken into again and again, we spiral steadily into madness and insanity.

The Story of Jeff: Part IV, V & VI

What's in the cards for a network administrator trying to document what is installed on the network, and to deploy a software management system? Well, in Jeff's case nothing but bad luck, of course.

The Story of Jeff: Part VII, VIII & IX

Somewhere in a tacky but well-lit office deep in the bowels of Acme Corp., a printer comes to life, spitting out several sheets of paper. It shudders to a halt and silence returns. Andy picks up the printouts and starts flipping through them. A small twitch at the corner of his mouth slowly develops into a smile.

The Story of Jeff - Part X, XI & XII

Like a spinning top, our situation is extremely stable as long as things are moving fast enough — but it will slow down, start to wobble, and eventually crash.

The Story of Jeff, Part XIII, XIV & XV

Cindy looks up from her book and stares at the screen for a bit, watching EasyRecover chew through Jeff's hard drive and rebuild files. Yawning, she looks at the clock and has to wonder how much longer it will take. She gets up and leaves her office, locking the door behind herself.




Last updated 3/12/2002

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