Appendix D - Further reading (books and sites)


By Kurt Seifried, [email protected], Copyright Kurt Seifried

There are several excellent books on cryptography and it's various applications (and many books that are not so excellent). The following list is (generally speaking) books I either own, or have read myself.


Title: Applied Cryptography, Second Edition
Author: Bruce Schneier
ISBN: 0-471-11709-9
Overview: An excellent book that covers most everything you would ever want to know about cryptographic algorithms and general issues surrounding them. If you have to buy one book I would recommend this one.


Title: Basic Methods of Cryptography
Author: C. A. Van Der Lubbe
ISBN: 0-521-55559-0
Overview: Do not let the title mislead you, this book actually covers a variety of cryptographic techniques in depth and gives a great amount of detail about DES. This book is not for the faint of heart, but even if your math skills are lacking the various explanations of cryptographic techniques and authentication schemes is very educating.


Title: IPSec, The new security standard for the Internet, Intranets, and Virtual Private Networks
Author: Naganand Doraswamy and Dan Harkins
ISBN: 0-13-011898-2
Overview: A comprehensive book on the IPSec protocol and it's components (such as AH, ESP and so on). It doesn't really cover any implementation (the current clients and servers are evolving quite quickly) which is no great loss.


Title: The Puzzle Palace
Author: James Bamford
ISBN: 0-14-006748-5
Overview: This book doesn't actually cover cryptography per se, but is about the NSA (national Security Agency), an American governmental agency with arguably the biggest pool of cryptographic expertise in the world. It also a lot of the history in and around American cryptographic laws.



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