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Why Linux will never be as secure as OpenBSD

Well my mother just finished knitting me a new pair of asbestos booties so I thought it was high time I try them out. Set phasers to "flame". Please read the entire article before using them. Just remember, I could have copped out by making the title something like "Will Linux ever be as secure as OpenBSD?" or even "Which is more secure, Linux or OpenBSD?". But I didn't. As well you should check out the LASG/LSKB if you haven't already. I also know about ImmunixOS from WireX and the NSA's SELinux (go read last week's column!).

Why OpenBSD will never be as secure as Linux

Set flame guns to kill. Please read the entire article before flaming me, as many of your concerns/etc will probably be answered next week. OpenBSD and Linux, two decidedly different operating systems. OpenBSD claims to be "secure by default", and has undergone an extensive code audit, so the question is: have I been hit in the head with a blunt object, or what? Security is an extremely complex subject with a variety of definitions. This article is an attempt to educate people, I personally consider OpenBSD to be a reasonably "secure" operating system, in some ways more secure then your average Linux distribution. However people have a wide variety of needs when it comes to security, and some of these needs are not met by Linux more so then OpenBSD. There are a variety of security products and software suites for Linux currently available and a number of security projects in the works that will have a significant effect. Depending upon your exact needs, budget, level of expertise and so on there is almost surely a security solution for Linux that will fit your needs.

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