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Table of contents

Data deletion

The basics problem

The basics problem (cont.)


Generic issues

RAID issues

RAID example

Bad blocks / clusters

Destroying hardware

Swap space / file

ATA Protected area

Microsoft issues


NTFS - Slack space

NTFS - Defragmentation

NTFS - Alternate Data Streams

NTFS - Master File Table

NTFS - Encrypted File System

NTFS - Journaling

NTFS Sparse files

NTFS compressed files and directories

NTFS notes

File locking

File replication services

Exchange server

UNIX issues

Application / protocol issues

Database issues

Protocol issues

Printers / Print servers

Search engines

The failure of wiping software

The failure of wiping software (cont.)

The failure of encryption

The failure of containment

The future

The future (cont.)


URL’s (cont.)

MS knowledge base

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the end

Author: Kurt Seifried

E-mail: [email protected]